The meditation class has been suspended during the Covid lockdown. We are now able to hold face-to-face meetings at the temple and a regular class will start in September. Space is limited due to social distancing measures, which may still be in place. Please email if you would like to attend.

It is possible to attend the Temple now on most Wednesdays at 6.00pm for chanting with the monks or at 7.00pm for meditation or to talk to a Samatha Trust teacher starting 7th July 2021. This will be until the regular class resumes in September. Please check before you come to ensure a teacher will be present.

Online classes

Online classes are available for those who prefer them. Please visit our website https://www.samatha.org or go to:https://www.samatha.org/learn-samatha-at-home-2020to register for a class.

Mindfulness of Breathing

Learn a gentle way to calm and inner strength through mindfulness of breathing, of posture and of the mind.

No previous experience in meditation is needed. The class's practical teachings are drawn from the Theravada Buddhist tradition, but people of all backgrounds are welcome to explore and develop mindfulness and inner peace.

Each meeting consists of a guided meditation, which enables the development, step by step, of greater calm and awareness through mindfulness of breathing. After the first week, there is the opportunity for one-to-one discussion with the teacher on the application of the method.

Weekly meetings are on Wednesday 7.00-8.30pm starting from 8th Sept 2021.

Evening chanting with the monks and nuns is at 6.00-7.00pm and you are welcome to attend before the Wednesday meeting.

There is no charge for the meetings but donations to the temple and the Samatha trust are welcome.

Contact: Richard Teall for more information; 07740720372/richard.teall@ntlworld.com

I have attached a map and the address, and a picture of the Temple is shown below.

Wat Buddharam, 45 Cliff Rd, Leeds LS6 2ET

Wat Buddharam is the Theravada Thai Temple for Leeds, and we are fortunate to be able to hold meetings there.